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Jiubao Economic Zone
Jianggan Economy Technology Development Area
Hengda Building Material Markt
Liuhe Pagoda
IntroductionThe Liuhe (Six Harmonies) Pagoda is a famous octagonal pagoda, built in 970, which t
Song Dynasty Town
IntroductionLocated adjacent to the West Lake, the Song Dynasty Town is a recreation of a Song T
Qinghefang lies
IntrouductionQinghefang lies in the south of Hangzhou. Standing in Qinghefang Street, you can se
Huqingyutang Museum
IntroductionIt is located in Dajing Lane, at the foot of Wushan Hill in Hangzhou. Huqingyutang a
Baidi Causeway
IntroductionThe Baidi Causeway, o­n the north shore of the west lake, links up with Solitary
The Peak That Flew from Afar
Introduction(Local Name: Feilai Feng) The Peak That Flew from Afar (Feilai Feng) is separated fr
Solitary Hill
IntroductionIt located at the north west of west lake in Hangzhou. Gu Shan, situated at the nort
Lingyin Temple
IntroductionLing Yin Temple, located in a long and narrow valley between Feilai Feng and North P
Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden
IntroductionBreeze – ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden which features in lotus ranks the 2nd of T
Melting Snow at Broken Bridge
IntroductionThe Broken Bridge lies at the eastern end of the White Causeway. According to the Jo
Autumn Moon over the Clam Lake
IntroductionSituated at the west end of the Bai Causeway, it affords the broadest view of the We
Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon
IntroductionThere are islands in the lake and three are lake o­n the islands." The three sto
The Mausoleum of General Yue Fei
IntroductionThe Mausoleum of General Yue Fei is o­ne of Hangzhou's most popularattractio
Zhejiang Provincial Museum
IntroductionZhejiang Provincial Museum formerly known as the West Lake Museum, was built in 1929
Xihu Tiandi
IntroductionHangzhou Xihu Tiandi's design theme captures the unique gardens and historical a
Tiger Running Dream Spring
IntroductionThis park known as "Tiger Running Dream Spring" (Hupaomeng Quan) is o­ne of the
9 Creeks & 18 Gullies
IntroductionThis pretty area known as "Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies" is approximately a 20
Longjing Tea Plantation
IntroductionOne of the "Ten New Sights of the West Lake", this place is frequently visited by th
Enjoying tea at dragon well
IntroductionDragon Well Tea is well known worldwide, the water of dragon well is sweet and nice.
The Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi
IntroductionThis attraction locates southwest to the West Lakt, o­n the North Bank of Qianta
Su Causeway
IntroductionSu Causeway stretches for 2.8 kilometers,which is the longest series ofbridges cross
Viewing Fish at flower harbor
IntroductionBesides hills and the West Lake, "Viewing Fish at Huagang Pond" was a private garden
Xixi National Wetland Park
IntroductionXixi National Wetland Park, the first and so far o­nly National Wetland Park in
West Lake----The Heaven on Earth
West Lake is like the sparkling eye of a charming woman, also like a precious stone o­n a cr
Baiyunyuan Scenic Spot
Brief IntroductionBaiyunyuan Scenic Area is o­n the bank of Fuchun River, also known as "Sha